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GlowGRP is the new, unique product of our innovative UK company based in East Anglia.

Glow GRP Limited’s strengths lie in the diverse expertise of those who develop and build our specially crafted products. All our dedicated teams, including Research and Development, Skilled Manufacture and Sales & Design are inspired and driven by our exciting new safety product, which we believe will change the future of safety technology.

At GlowGRP we believe that safety needs the human touch which is why our products are man-made rather than machine produced - we see making our products as a craft, not just an industry.

The finished products speak for themselves. Once you have seen the Glow in action you will be amazed at its effectiveness and will consider it a must-have safety feature. GlowGRP is the definitive safety product set to become the path of the future.


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You HAVE to see it, it really does glow in the dark... I think it could become an industry standard... (recent customer comments)

Announcing the newest innovation for the safety industry, the unique luminous door, which actually GLOWS in the dark! It will continue to glow for some time following a power failure, ensuring visibility of safety exits, for ease of building evacuation.

For complete peace of mind, this is definitely the design that all exit doors will need to follow in the future.

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